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Rebounding To Better Health

A good rebounder works on three distinct levels:
  • Aerobic Activity - improving overall fitness

  • Lymphatic Drainage - a clean and healthy body

  • Electromagnetic Energy - you create energy by rebounding

Therapeutic rebounding:

  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • varicose veins
  • incontinence/bladder control
  • weight loss
  • cancer
  • vision
  • sagging, bagging and wrinkling

Everyone can rebound :

  • Seniors : bounce for healing or health maintenance with stabilizer bar for balance and security.

  • Invalids : sit on the rebounder and bounce with stabilizer bar for support.

  • Injuries : persons with knee, ankle or back injuries - a safe, shock-free, healing exercise.

  • Children : build balance, strength, coordination, and improve learning.

  • Busy mothers : quick, stress-free exercise without going to the gym.

  • Executives : quick, energizing, mentally stimulating.

  • Athletes : improve strength, agility, endurance, and accuracy.

  • Aerobics enthusiasts : burn more calories, with less shock, more fun.

Needak Rebounder is foldable and portable using its carrying bag. It weighs 13kg with a diameter of 40 inches. The balancing bar for the safety of children and senior citizens is sold separately as an optional item. The above book written by Linda Brooks will be given free together with the purchase of Needak Rebounder.

Sharing : It is important that you buy a rebounder of reasonable quality in order to reap the benefits of rebound exercise. Very often, customers will shop for cheaper ones in order to save costs. The cheaper versions tend to jar your body instead of springing it.

Updated on 10 January 2007

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