On 9 January 2009, the cancer site of Cancerstory.com became dormant.
However, the web contents can still be read like a book without further update.
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- Letter to SingHealth - 4 Jun 07
Sharing of Moral Values

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contributed by Ms Florence Shen

Message from our Founder, Lee Soh Hong

Dear Web Surfers

For people who are keen to set up non-profit sites, I would like to emphasize that it is going to be tough-going. Getting sponsorship from ISPs and companies is very tough unless you can offer them so called "mileage". Social responsibility is seldom a motivational vocabulary.

Getting free publicity is equally tough. Without publicity, it is certainly very difficult to reach out to the web surfers. Bear in mind that not all media owners share your mission.

CancerStory has struggled with both the above problems before. Ahead of me, I see a long journey fraught with difficulties as it is not easy to get free publicity. People tend to shun away from the word - CANCER.

In order to heighten awareness of my project of passion, CancerStory.com, I consented to my nomination for the Reader's Digest Inspiring Singaporean Award by my friend. Through sheer luck, I won and received this Award on 13 November 2001. With the free publicity given by the Straits Times, LianHe ZaoBao and all the TV stations in Singapore, my web site managed to reach out to more people. This is a poor man's strategy of receiving media attention and getting free publicity for my web site. It was for this same reason that CancerStory.com participated in the Asian Internet Awards 2001 Competition and won their BOL Readers' Choice Award on 29 June 2001.

Yours truly
Lee Soh Hong, FCCA
13 November 2001

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