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Eye Care

The eye is a mirror of general health. Few people are aware that the health of the eyes and the health of the body are profoundly interrelated, i.e., the eye-body connection. Hence if you have eye problem, you should examine your whole body and find the "root" of the eye problem. Very often, some commonly used drugs for the other diseases will cause side effects on the eyes that include tearing, light sensitivity, itching, eyelid swelling, blurred or distorted vision, abnormal colour vision, double vision, development of cataracts, and development of glaucoma. Some chemotherapy drugs also cause side effects on the eyes.

Cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are often termed as age-related eye diseases. The myth is that everyone will face this "crisis" if they live long enough. The truth is that it is possible to prevent, stabilize and even reverse these age-related eye problems through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. You can find these solutions from the book, "The Eye Care Revolution" by Robert Abel, Jr., M.D. that is available at the National Library. Reference website : www.eyeadvisory.com

Posted on 10 April 2007

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