On 9 January 2009, the cancer site of Cancerstory.com became dormant.
However, the web contents can still be read like a book without further update.
Healing Setback
- Means Test
- Are you ready to "take on" your doctor?
- Can you "fire" your doctor?
- Manage your expectations
- Lack of oncology nutritionists
- Nutrition Maze
- Extravagant claims
- Rare Cancers
- TCM - Controversy
- TCM - Book Review
- Reflection
- Magic Cure
- Man-made Rules
- It's about money
Understanding Cancer
- What is Cancer?
- Stage of Cancer
- Dictionary of Cancer Terms
- Tumour Marker
- Self Examination
- Symptoms of Various Cancer
- Healing & Curing
- Human Papilloma Virus
Cancer Challenge
   - Cancer's Victim Experience
   - The 8 Overcoming Tools
   - Motivational Message
   - Counselling/Cancer Helpline
   - Financial Issues
   - Cancer Checklist
   - Living With Cancer
   - Free Transport/Financial Aid
   - Seek Second Opinion
   - Learn About Your Illness
   - Conventional Treatment
   - Clinical Trials in Singapore
   - Complementary Treatment
   - Coping With Side Effects
   - Coping With Hair Loss
   - Sexuality and Cancer
   - Hospitals/Cancer Organisations
Surviving Cancer
   - Importance Of Support
   - Support Group
Hospice Care
   - Cancer's Victim Experience
   - Living Fully in the Face of Death
   - Types Of Hospice Care
   - Home Help Service
   - Directory Of Hospices
   - Pain Management
   - Advance Medical Directive Act
Special Corners
- Leukemia
- Kids' Corner
- Children with Special Needs
- Women's Corner
- Cancer Prevention Tips
- Products recalled by HSA
- Fundraising for cancer organizations
- Stroke
- Used Medical Appliances
- Will & Estate
- Water Cures, Drugs Kill
- Jurong Health Connect
- Mesothelioma
Art transforms into compassion
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following web surfers for sending their feedback and words of encouragement.
Feedback from ...

Beth Mattero, USA (19 February 2005)

Thank you for such a comprehensive web site. I am approaching the one year anniversary of my diagnosis of Breast Cancer. I have had two surgeries, completed chemotherapy and radiation therapy and will have my one year follow-up mammogram next month. I can definitely relate to many of the stories I have read on your site, and many touched my heart in ways I didn't really expect. I am very fortunate to have excellent medical care and wonderful family support. My diagnosis was a complete surprise to my husband and me, but he has been my most cherished supporter. I am feeling strong and pretty healthy too! I continue to go for follow-ups and have high hopes for the future. While certain parts of this experience I would never like to go through again, I do feel that I have gained more than I could ever imagined. I really try to enjoy life everyday and give thanks for the blessings that I have found and for the people I have met along the way.

Best wishes for you.

Lim Soo Ching, Singapore (7 April 2004)

I am writing to thank you for a most wonderfully created website for Cancer fighters especially one that is designed with so much immediate relevance right here in Singapore. Thank you!

Ernie McAbee, USA (28 July 2003)

First and foremost - EXCELLENT site! I only wish I would have found it earlier during the discovery phase of my son's brain tumor. Your website was very beneficial in providing insight from many aspects pertaining to cancer. You sort of vector in on the situation from many different angles which is very good.

Most of us start out with little knowledge concerning cancer. And if I can use myself as an example, we go out seeking a "magic bullet" {if you will} remedy. A one pill cure-all for the cancer problem. As we move through the time of discovery to treatment to a diagnosis to limited time left with our afflicted loved one we learn as you point out, that cancer is so multifaceted. I had only seven months with my son, Aaron, when it was first discovered to when he passed away. The highs and lows that you experience when you are going through the process. The high of one MRI showing that radiation and chemotherapy had initially shrunk the tumor. To the lowest of the lows, four weeks later after he had suffered a seizure, the subsequent MRI showing that he now had multiple tumors that were basically unoperable. I have moved from a primary caregiver (alongside of my sister who is a RN) to a grieving father as my son passed on July 13th. Yet I feel, as you describe your experience with your mother, it shouldn't stop here. Thank you for opening up your heart and soul.

God Bless.

Iwan MD, Indonesia (27 July 2003)
It is a nice place to learn, I read your web in Reader Digest March 2002. Thanks.

Roy Tan, Singapore (14 May 2003)
I feel that you have done an excellent job in creating this webpage and just opened a physical place for cancer-stricken people to mingle and get moral/emotional support. This is truly excellent and I feel that you are one of the Most extraordinary people in Singapore. You deserve to be commended and I wish Singapore will have more selfless people like you. You are really God-given. Thank you.

Sow Ping (9 May 2003)
I came across your website by accident. I'm impressed by the wealth of information. Patient empowerment is so much easier with this site when the disease can cause so much fear and negativity. I'm sure this web site is the best memorial tribute to the founder's mother as it will have so much resources to help the patients deal with this disease.

Frances, Singapore (4 May 2003)
I chanced upon CancerStory while searching the web for support to my own grief of losing my husband to heart attack. Ms Lee's effort has been most inspiring. Thank you and well done!

James Eagleton, USA (1 May 2003)
I found your web site by accident and was very impressed with what you have done here. God bless you for this good work.

Zeng Mei Qi, Singapore (28 April 2003)
You have done a great job. Continue to work hard.

Keith See, Singapore (6 December 2002)
I just want to tell the creators of this page, this page is great. Thank you!

Lee Kor Seng, Singapore (5 December 2002)
I am so happy to discover this site. It is certainly informative and I salute you for all your efforts!

Sue DiTullio, USA (28 July 2002)
I wish I had known about this board when my sister-in-law was battling her breast cancer. You have so much information on here. Thank you and I will let others know about it.

Tan Ee Wah, Malaysia (29 March 2002)
I read about this excellent website from a recent Reader's Digest article. I wish I knew earlier when my mother was still alive and I was feeling so distraught and helpless. I shared fully the grief of this website's founder; I had also set up a website at Geocities since December 2001 after my dearest mother had passed away. Those who are interested can access it simply by typing-"kwan kim kee" at Geocities's search engine. Although my family and relatives had largely recovered from the agonies and trauma which climax with the passing of our mother on 4th of December, 2001; we will surely miss our dear mother for the rest of our days. Thanks mom for everything especially your love.

Diamanda, Indonesia (27 March 2002)
Cancer has taken the life of many members of our family. My aunt from my mother's side died of ovary cancer, my brother of lung cancer, my sister of colon cancer. What I don't understand is, my deceased sister's five children, all have cancer in the area of their intestines.

With my family history of cancer, I am now quite prepared. And the Cancerstory website has helped me help others, including my best friend who is now in the 3rd stage of lung cancer.

You have done a tremendous job in providing these information, for the patients as well as caregivers.

Thank you.

Lay Shi En John (26 March 2002)
This website is much more interesting than what I saw in the Reader's Digest. This is truly a helpful website for those who have cancer and needs help. I just want to thank the person who spent US$35,000 opening this website. You are the true hero to me.

ARNEL ESCOBIDO AGUIŅOT, Philippines (19 March 2002)
I visited your site and it's good. I know of it from Reader's Digest March 2002 Ed. And thanks a lot, from the bottom of my heart. Though this is my first time on this site, yet I am amazed by it "friendliness"... the author of this must be a SAint!!! Thank you and keep up the good work.

Syed Shahzad Raza Zaidi, Pakistan (19 March 2002)
I have just read about Cancerstory.com in Readers Digest. and I very much appreciate what you have done. I am from Sialkot - Pakistan and as you know that our cricketing hero Imran Khan has also built a cancer hospital after the death of his mother by cancer. Now ShoukatKhanum memorial Hospital is a blessing for the cancer patients in Pakistan. Imran's story is very much similar to yours. And you both can join hand for further improvement.

May God gives you more courage & wisdom.

Bren Koh Ding (16 March 2002)
I learned about your page from Reader's Digest. Congratulations--I hope many cancer patients will benefit from it!

Ginger Victoria Onuki, Japan (2 July 2001)
I am truly impressed by the advice and information I am able to access to through CancerStory.com.

As I was reading about your family, I cried because I am reminded of my own dear grandma who also died from Colon Cancer. Your website has allowed me see through my pain and learn to accept life as it is. Thank you so very much. I am eternally indebted to you and your family for giving my life another chance.

Christabel, Singapore (8 April 2001)
You and the website deserve the vote. The web site is content-rich and is friendly to navigate. I'm sure it will help those patients and their family members. I think that you're great. You've used your personal experience to help others so that they could find comfort and strength.

Ang Eng Soo, Singapore (29 March 2001)
Your effort in conducting the "Baby Massage" at Income Centre is commendable. Even more is the countless effort put in launching this website.

Roland Chew, Singapore (5 March 2001)
I came across your website recently and admired you for taking the time to put up this informative site. I am not a cancer victim or related to one as yet. However I am interested in health and find your site informative. I have signed up as a volunteer and as a blood donor. May God bless you and your work.

Kzenia Candelaria, Philippines (16 January 2001)
I got to know your website from the Nov. 30, 2000 of eye 2 eye magazine. My best friend's mom died of cancer and I felt it would be better had she known your website early on. I'll try to pass on to my friends re this website. Thank you for the enormous amount of effort and concern you have put into this site. More power!

Mr Dennis Tan, Singapore (20 December 2000)
I noted you have an excellent web page that helps a lot.

Ms Lee Sze Ru, Singapore (25 October 2000)
I am very impressed by your web site; it's really comprehensive and I believe it will prove to be highly beneficial to cancer patients and their family members.

p/s: I am really happy for you that you have pulled yourself together and 'transformed' your sorrow (of losing your beloved mother) into strong will and determination to help other cancer patients. May the force forever be with you.

Ms Lauw Ieting, Indonesia (2 October 2000)
I am very sorry for sending you Mandarin/Chinese text with Unicode (UTF-8), because my English is very poor. I hope to see CancerStory web site be translated in Chinese/Mandarin (zhong wen) in the future. Many thanks for your kind attention.

Mr Jerry Chng, Singapore (24 September 2000)
I have found your website to be very useful and informative in term of our local context. My dad is a cancer patient and currently receiving chemo and radiotherapy. Like many other cancer patients undergoing the therapy, he has been losing weight. I would like to emphasize and share the importance of nutrition in a cancer patient. May I suggest a column on nutrition under the Treatment heading which maybe helpful for other readers. I believe there are others out there who have opinions or suggestions on this area of interest.

While surfing the net, I came across a section on the above topic which may prove to be a useful link.
Eating Hints for Cancer Patients
It is from National Cancer Institute (USA) and I believe it is a reliable source.

Mr Herman Chia, Singapore (22 September 2000)
Excellent website. Brave attempt for a good cause. Long term, I think this site will benefit all cancer patients and their family members. My father was diagnosed for colon cancer (third stage) two months back. He did a surgery on July 24, developed complications in his lung area, stayed in the ICU for two weeks, transferred to HDU and has been bed-ridden until now. The doctor is now recommending that my father be transferred to a community hospital to rehabilitate himself further before they close back his stoma.

Ms Nora Ng, Singapore (18 September 2000)
This is a fantastic website. I really have to salute to the people behind this web site. It will definitely help many people to cope with Cancer. I'm a cancer survivor and can understand the pain every cancer patient has to go through mentally, physically and emotionally. Keep it up!

Ms Judy Tan, Singapore (17 September 2000)
I discovered CancerStory when I was surfing around for charity volunteering work and especially those related to cancer patients. I came across your website and found the contents very useful especially for those who are unfortunately caught with the illness and their loved ones who are desperate to find solutions to support the patients both physically and emotionally.

Ms Diana Dyer, USA (9 September 2000)
Your site is truly lovely. What a meaningful way to honor your mother. She must be very proud of you and is surely smiling down and also helping to lift your spirit as you carry hers forward, too. Best wishes in your journey to help other cancer patients.

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