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The Touch of Healing

In June 2005, I borrowed a book - "The touch of healing" from the National Library. It is an interesting book that described the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. In my opinion, the techniques are quite similar to the manipulations of pathways in which qi and blood circulate, and points of acupuncture. However, they can be in the form of point-like points, line-like points, and area-like points.

Jin Shin Jyutsu means "The Art of the Creator through the person of compassion." Its founder, Jiro Murai was seriously ill at the age of 26 year-old. Many doctors treated him but without success. As a last request, he asked his family to carry him on a stretcher to their mountain cabin and to leave him there alone for seven days. There in the cabin, Murai fasted, meditated, and practised various finger postures, which are known as mudras. To his great surprise, he was healed.

There are eight particularly powerful mudras that can be used as a preventive measure, and to relieve chronic and longstanding conditions. When I showed the eight finger postures and "manipulation" of the "trinity flows" to some patients, they are doubtful about its effectiveness. Anyway, I told them that they have nothing to lose to learn the simple movements. Indeed, finger pose 3 for calming and revitalizing, and finger pose 4 for releasing general daily fatigue can be beneficial to cancer patients.

The course on Jin Shin Jyutsu can be quite costly. I reckon that reading the book is sufficient to learn the eight finger postures.

Posted on 13 December 2005

Footnotes : I took 6 months to share this book because I was also skeptical about its healing effect. In November 2005, I read the book again when the local hospital could not trace the cause for the transient loss of vision in my dad's right eye. To be pro-active, I gave Reiki healing to my dad during his 4-day hospitalization, to help him regained his vision. Fortunately, he regained his sight without any form of medications. For daily "maintenance", I told my dad to hold his left middle finger to resolve his vision problem together with the consumption of Chinese herbs, since western medicine renders no remedy. As the doctor detected slight cataracts in both eyes, I made a request for the prescription of catalin eyedrops that may help to arrest old age-related cataracts. However, the doctor in-charge had a different opinion that it is not beneficial for my dad. Hence we could not buy it without the doctor's prescription. Catalin eyedrops is available at local hospitals. From the Internet, no adverse effect has been reported from the use of catalin eyedrops.

Subsequently, I read about the possible causes for the transient loss of vision in the book - "The Eye Care Sourcebook" which is available at the National Library.

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