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Healing Setback
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- Magic Cure
- Man-made Rules
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Understanding Cancer
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- Symptoms of Various Cancer
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Cancer Challenge
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Surviving Cancer
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Hospice Care
   - Cancer's Victim Experience
   - Living Fully in the Face of Death
   - Types Of Hospice Care
   - Home Help Service
   - Directory Of Hospices
   - Pain Management
   - Advance Medical Directive Act
Special Corners
- Leukemia
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- Cancer Prevention Tips
- Products recalled by HSA
- Fundraising for cancer organizations
- Stroke
- Used Medical Appliances
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- Water Cures, Drugs Kill
- Jurong Health Connect
- Mesothelioma
Art transforms into compassion
Free Transport
The Singapore Cancer Society provides free transport service to certain restructured hospitals.
Singapore Cancer Society
15 Enggor Street #04-01/04, Realty Centre
Singapore 079716
Tel: (65) 6221 9578 or 6221 0133 Fax: (65) 6222 7424
Email address : cancers@pacific.net.sg

For 24-hour automated information , please dial (65) 6221 0133.

Touch Community Services escort the elderly to hospitals and clinics if the care givers have difficulty to do so. To find out more details, please contact them.

Touch Community Services (Home Care)
Block 89 #01-261
Lorong 2 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310089
Tel: 6258 6797
Financial Aid

On those days when I accompanied my late mother to the hospital for treatment, I spoke with other cancer patients and found that many of them were facing financial difficulties while receiving treatment of non-standard drugs, i.e. drugs which are not subsidized by the restructured hospitals. These non-standard drugs are generally very expensive. For your information, we paid about S$1,000 per chemotherapy session for CPT-11 treatment at a restructured hospital. I also learned from other patients that they were paying much more for their treatment using different drugs. Very often, most of these cancer patients failed to obtain financial assistance from their respective restructured hospitals' Medical Social Service Department or Medical Social Work Department because of stringent guidelines imposed by the latter.

To find out more about financial assistance scheme, please visit the following web sites :

National Cancer Centre
National University Hospital
KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Singapore General Hospital
Singapore Cancer Society
Children's Cancer Foundation
Breast Cancer Foundation
NKF Cancer Fund
Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation

Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports offers several schemes to help those people in financial distress. They include the Public Assistance Scheme, the Rent and Utilities Assistance Scheme and Short-term (interim) Financial Assistance. If you need help, you can call :

  • Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) 6258 9595
  • Community Development Councils (CDCs) 1800-344 1234
  • Family service centres : 1800-838-0100

What is Medifund?

Medifund is a financial assistance scheme to help needy Singaporean patients pay for their medical expenses. It is available to patients seeking admission to Class B2 or C wards of government and restructured hospitals who cannot afford to pay the charges. If you would like to seek Medifund assistance, please inform the hospital staff, who will then refer you to the Medical Social Worker, who will interview you and assist you with the Medifund application.

Medifund assistance is for patients who are facing financial hardship. It is not an entitlement, and patients have to fulfil certain income criteria before their applications can be approved. The application will be considered by the Hospital Medifund Committee and the amount of help from Medifund will depend on each individual's circumstances and the patient's financial background.

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