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Art transforms into compassion

While reading a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine, I came across some interesting ancient thoughts that remain relevant in our present era. I would like to share these thoughts with you. The write-up below is the translated version.

It mentioned that there are six types of patients which are difficult to treat, namely :

  1. Unreasonable and arrogant
  2. Treasure money and wealth. Health is of secondary concern
  3. No self-discipline over one's living habits and lifestyle
  4. Unable to consume medicine due to poor health conditions
  5. Terminally ill
  6. Do not believe in medicine but believe in witchcraft

It also stated the undesirable attitudes of patients, care-givers/relatives and doctors.

Undesirable attitudes of patients
Impatient patients will "hop" from one doctor to another. It is alright to pick and choose but they must do it wisely. Otherwise, their condition will worsen as they will be like sheep that have lost their way.

Laid-back patients are usually slow in seeking medical help. By then, their conditions would have deteriorated further.

Some patients intentionally hide some of their medical conditions, simply to test the competency of the doctor in making the right diagnosis. Such acts are foolish and meaningless.

Undesirable attitudes of caregivers/relatives
Some relatives have the final say in the treatment choice. Sometimes they can be quite skeptical about Traditional Chinese Medicine. If the Chinese physician does not meet their own expectations, they will reject his service. Yet, are their expectations reasonable in the first place? A good physician will be lost, if they mistook a Thief for Robin Hood and a Phoenix for an Owl !

Undesirable attitudes of doctors
  • Opportunist - Seize the opportunity to increase wealth (charging high fee, selling expensive herbs and health supplements) rather than saving lives
  • Make use of connection with the influential people to increase publicity
  • Condemn others to over-sell oneself
  • Sloppy attitudes, irresponsible and incompetent
  • Unethical behaviours such as bullying, bluffing, sweet-talking, exaggerating
  • Selling "magic pill", resorting to quackery and witchcraft

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