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The Pressure and Pleasure of Bringing Up Children

My late mother had been a loving grandmother who doted on her ten grandchildren. Her greatest regret was probably not being able to receive the arrival of her eleventh granddaughter. She often addressed them as "golden" grandchildren, direct translation from Hokkien.

She sympathized with those young cancer patients and felt sad seeing them going through the painful chemotherapy treatment at the hospitals.
TCM Baby Massage Therapy - Video

The cause of cancer has yet to be determined by the medical world. Certainly, a strong immune system will help the body to fight against all diseases. The fact is that we can help young children to strengthen their immune system by performing TCM BABY MASSAGE on them.

In order to continue my beloved mother's spirit of caring and great affection for children, I reckon that such knowledge and skills should be imparted to all parents.

CancerStory.com had produced a 7-minute video with the approval of MITA, to be used as educational material only. In this video, Ms Lee Yuh Chin, an experienced Chinese Physician demonstrated three sets of baby massage routines. This video was played at the following events organized by CancerStory.com :

  • Free Public Talk on TCM Baby Massage Therapy on 25 February 2001 at the NTUC Income Centre

  • Singapore 21 Fair on Active Citizens-The Wonderful World of Volunteers on 30 June 2001 and 1 July 2001

On both occasions, many people expressed their interest to buy the video tape and learn TCM Baby Massage. You may click here to view our video on the first set of baby massage routine on maintaining body wellness. Please note that instructions are only available in Chinese. Please click here for write-up and instructions in Chinese.

Important Warning :

Please note that TCM Baby Massage may not be suitable for children living with cancer.

Introduction on TCM Baby Massage Therapy

TCM Baby Massage Therapy has a long history of development in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with many medical benefits. It helps to strengthen the immune system of young children. This TCM massage is helpful for children under the age of ten years old. The younger they are, the better the results. It is gentle and enjoyable and such skills are useful.

With the recent outbreak in HFMD, it is even more important to create the awareness of TCM Baby Massage Therapy as a means of strengthening immune system of young children.

It is also effective for the following conditions :

  • inability to suck milk
  • regurgitation of milk
  • morbid night crying
  • infantile malnutrition
  • acute and chronic infantile convulsions
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • fever
  • cold
  • whooping cough
  • bed-wetting
  • constipation
  • infantile muscular wryneck
  • sequela of polio
  • intestinal obstruction due to ascariosis

The commonly used manipulations are pushing, pulling, pressing, rubbing, rotatory kneading, pinching, kneading, curve pushing, lifting, beating and shaking.

Appropriate force and frequency are very important and the best operation is a light-yet-straight or hard-yet-smooth touch, combining hardness with softness.

Ms Lee Yuh Chin, B.A. (Nanyang University)
  • Dip. T.C.M. & Acupuncture (Singapore College of T.C.M. & Pharmacology)
  • Dip. Paediatric Massage (Shandong College of T.C.M. & Pharmacology)
  • Advanced Dip. T.C.M. & Acupuncture (Shanghai University of T.C.M. & Pharmacology)
Ms Lee Yuh Chin is a member of the Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association and has been practising TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and acupuncture since 1984. Besides running her own clinic, she also teaches at T.C.M. College of Singapore.

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