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I often write to the ST Forum to express my views on certain issues. The letters below were published in the ST Forum.

My letters - Published in Straits Times Forum
  S/No. Title Date
Read Article 34 Worrisome number of unclaimed graves at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery June 16, 2020
Read Article 33 Good GPs are respected heroes May 25, 2017
Read Article 32 Raise awareness of threat of superbugs September 22, 2016
Read Article 31 Have single, robust accounting system for all town councils August 24, 2016
Read Article 30 Everyone faces mortality differently August 4, 2016
Read Article 29 Ensure seniors are not shut out of health portal October 31, 2015
Read Article 28 Train doctors to get rich in love and compassion August 15, 2015
Read Article 27 Nurses can raise red flag April 27, 2015
Read Article 26 Why charge for simple eye tests offered free elsewhere? March 26, 2015
Read Article 25 Right of appeal a boon for patients' families December 19, 2014
Read Article 24 Don't be too quick to send 'borderline' patients home January 22, 2014
Read Article 23 Conduct audit on doctors' fees July 6, 2013
Read Article 22 Vital to learn from medical errors March 29, 2013
Read Article 21 Patients who go shopping pose infection risk March 21, 2013
Read Article 20 Do more to stem smoking in hospital compound March 11, 2013
Read Article 19 Do more to reduce hospital-acquired infections March 5, 2013
Read Article 18 Unhappy over cash surcharge for using Medisave August 3, 2011
Read Article 17 Other ways to honour a donor's legacy April 6, 2011
Read Article 16 Publishers flouting deposit rule April 2, 2009
Read Article 15 Superbugs: Hospitals not doing enough March 7, 2009
Read Article 14 Is SGH stretching itself in awareness campaign? August 15, 2008
Read Article 13 Power of faith amazing but let patients decide November 27, 2007
Read Article 12 Are you cut out to be an external auditor? November 2, 2007
Read Article 11 TCM centre at SGH a boon to cancer patients October 27, 2007
Read Article 10 Beware cancer 'entrepreneurs' and their 'magic bullets' September 14, 2007
Read Article 09 Good thing she didn't listen to hospital guard June 21, 2007
Read Article 08 Need for dieticians to advise cancer patients on nutrition information May 26, 2007
Read Article 07 Nutrition maze - find your own dietary therapy May 2, 2007
Read Article 06 New accounting standards for charities may not be helpful January 26, 2007
Read Article 05 Recruiting volunteers to do charity work is an uphill task December 13, 2006
Read Article 04 Help charities pay for higher audit fees November 4, 2006
Read Article 03 Don't forget to help the chronic sick September 26, 2006
Read Article 02 Set up a govt-run kidney dialysis centre July 21, 2005
Read Article 01 Boob job may mask killer March 7, 2004

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