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The Driving Force

During my father's hospitalisation, I extended help to a young lady whose mother was receiving treatment in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). She was grateful and encouraged me to write a handbook to help the family members of other patients. On the 28th day of my father's death (29 October 2008), my youngest brother also made a similar suggestion.

Boldly I accepted my brother's idea to write and publish "What Killed My Dad?" while coping with the loss of my father. The most difficult part was to control my emotions and stay collected while writing the factual account of my father's last illness, and penning my thoughts objectively to benefit my readers. Being an accountant by profession, I am used to working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines. Hence, I gave myself six weeks to complete and launch my book on 9 January 2009 to mark the 100th day of my father's death. The soonest I published my book, it would help those people who are unfortunately caught in the same plight. True enough, I received the following request to buy my book even before it was released.

"My family had a very bad experience at a public hospital resulting in my mother's death, and I am in the midst of writing to MOH. I would need to purchase your book urgently."

Some readers who have had loved ones die from hospital-acquired infections may find it difficult to complete reading my book as it stirs up their sad and painful emotions. I knew of one reader who gave up reading it.

化悲伤为力量, 著文书阐遗训。

Turning grief into strength

Nothing hurts me more than the loss of my parents. Walking through grief is never easy; it is heartbreaking and many times, I lost control over my emotions with tears rolling down uncontrollably during those sleepless nights. Being a free-thinker, I could only find solace in turning my grief into strength.

One kind doctor wrote to me, "Your parents as their parting gifts have left you a legacy - to make the world a better place."

Posted on 20 December 2010

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