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Everyone faces mortality differently

My letter was first published in The Straits Times Forum Online, 4 August 2016

Every individual faces his own mortality differently and uniquely ("The art of dying well"; July 26).

When my late friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, she told her husband to remarry after her death.

As she did not have a job, she opted for affordable alternative medicine. Indeed, she led a "good life" being treatment naive - without suffering side effects from conventional treatment throughout her cancer journey that lasted 27 months.

Three weeks after her death, her husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

I received his final message through WhatsApp: "Life and death situation. Cheers!"

Six days later, he died.

During his lifetime, he resorted to doing freelance work as he faced age discrimination, like many other middle-aged Singaporeans.

These friends were not afraid of death and lived their remaining days as they would any other day.

Lee Soh Hong (Ms)

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