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Hospice Care
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Art transforms into compassion
Support Groups
Singapore Cancer Society
Currently, Singapore Cancer Society has four support groups that allow members to come together to help and support one another on a regular basis, namely :

  • Reach to Recovery (Breast cancer patients)
  • Stoma Club (Colorectal cancer patients)
  • New Voice Club (Cancer of the larynx)
  • Oncology Support Group (All cancer patients)
For more details, please visit their web site or contact them :
Telephone No. : 6421 5816, 6421 5817
Operating hours : Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm

Website : www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg

Children's Cancer Foundation
CCF-KKH Family Support Centre
Level 7, Children's Tower
KK Women's & Children's Hospital
100 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229899
Tel : (65) 6297 0203 or 6296 6997
Fax : (65) 6297 0121

CCF-NUH Family Support Centre
Level 4, Main Building
National University Hospital
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119704
Tel : (65) 6772 4471, 6772 4472, 6772 4473
Fax : (65) 6772 4470

Website : www.ccf.org.sg

KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Oncology Support Group

Medical, paramedical and nursing staff from the Hospital volunteer their time to provide emotional support and counselling to women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers. The support is also extended to family members, who may need assistance with referrals to medical social workers or external agencies.

Website : www.kkh.com.sg

Singapore General Hospital
Brain Tumour Patient Care Group

The above group is jointly run by Singapore General Hospital, National Cancer Centre and National NeuroScience Institute.

The meeting sessions are highly educational in providing up-to-date information and easy access to specialists on a variety of topics related to brain tumours. It also provides psychosocial and emotional support necessary to improve patients' quality of life.

The support group meets on the last Friday evening of each month from 5.30 pm to 7.00pm.

Admission to this support group meetings is free and no registration is required. For more information, please call Diana Lim at 65771053 or 65378222 during office hours.

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Support Group

The support group meets on the last Friday of each month. Group activities include small group discussions among new patients and their caregivers, successful post-BMT patients, nurse volunteers, doctors, pharmacists and medical social workers. Educational talks are held quarterly on various blood disorders, treatment regimen and need for professional consultation.

Membership forms are obtainable from the group leader SSN Tan Chor Kien from the Haematology Centre or call Tel: 63214722

Breast Cancer Support Group

The Breast Cancer Support Group was formed in 1992 and now has about 30 former patients who volunteer to provide counselling and psychological support for breast cancer patients and their family members and caregivers.

Membership is open to all women who have undergone mastectomy and are between 31 to 50 years old. There is a selection process which is based on coping level towards the disease and treatment. A training programme will also be conducted and articles on effective communication skills and breast cancer treatment and functional rehabilitation programmes are provided.

The Breast Care Support Group meets monthly and is led by Breast Care Nurse Clinician, Mdm N. Saraswathi. She can be reached at Tel: 63214474 for enquiries.

Website : www.sgh.com.sg

Changi General Hospital
Stoma Care

Stoma patients including those with colonstomy, ileostomy and ileal conduit can receive help from the Stoma Support Group. At Changi General Hospital, patients and relatives are given the name card of the stoma counsellor who attended to them. They are also encouraged to call the stoma counsellor for help should they require any assistance during their recuperation at home.

For enquiries, please call Chia Swee Khim at Tel: 6850 3376.

Breast Cancer Support Group

A group of counsellors will provide advice and a listening ear to patients who have undergone mastectomy. About 15 to 20 patients take part in each support session where they were given a talk on Care of Prosthesis and Diet after mastectomy.

At these sessions, patients were also able to share their experiences and views with each other. These sessions are useful in helping patients learn from each other as most of them are keen to know how others adapt, adjust and cope with life after the operation changed their body image.

The volunteers are also able to teach others how to conduct breast self-examination. For enquiries, please call King Foong Meng at Tel: 6850 2992 or Email: no_ward29@cgh.com.sg.

Website : www.cgh.com.sg

The Revival Connection

It is a self-help support group specially run for patients/survivors with cancer recurrences.

Group members are people who wish to connect with others of similar conditions, so as to share knowledge, fears and experiences.

They have survived the ordeal of diagnosis and treatment, and want to get on with life.

Despite the uncertainties that the future hold, they battle against all odds, to experience a revival in living, so as to live life to the fullest.

To know more about THE REVIVAL CONNECTION and its activities, please call 6436 8117 or email to nsstbc@ncss.com.sg)

Breast Cancer Foundation
BCF Support Group Meetings

Coping with breast cancer and its treatment requires the support and emotional "safety-net" of a support group. It can be a difficult period for the survivor as she grapples with the physical, psychological and emotional demands of dealing with the disease. With the support they receive from others who have been through the same struggle, the ladies are better able to cope with the psychosocial effects of breast cancer, and even extend a helping hand to fellow survivors when needed. If you would like to join the BCF support group, or know of someone who might benefit from such support, please call BCF at 6352 6560.

Expatriate Work Group & Support Group Meeting

For an expatriate suffering from breast cancer, the stress she experiences as a breast cancer survivor or patient may be intensified by virtue of being in a foreign culture that is very far from home. Such survivors may be greatly helped by the presence and support of other expatriate survivors who have been or are in the same situation, and thus are better able to understand her needs and feelings. For more information on the Expatriate Work Group and Support Group, please call BCF at 6352 6560.

Men's Support League (MSL)

This group is open to all men who wish to learn how to help their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, or even other female relatives and friends cope with breast cancer. It is a fact that breast cancer patients recover faster with family support, especially from the male members of the household. The MSL provides information and support to men as they help their loved ones on the road to recovery, and deal with the stress and emotional distress the men themselves may face when their female loved-ones are battling breast cancer. The MSL also trains its members to become volunteer counsellors to other men in similar situations. Please call BCF at 6352 6560 for further information.

BCF Dance Therapy Group

One of the ways to help breast cancer survivors better express themselves is to teach them dancing. Not only is it a healthy form of low-impact exercise, it also provides the survivors with a safe, constructive yet enjoyable outlet for "venting" the feelings and emotions they may have pent-up in themselves. It also reminds them that breast cancer need not deny them from having, and enjoying, a quality life. Dances taught range from the cha-cha, rock 'n' roll and rumba to the very-popular line-dance. If you or someone you know would like to join this dance therapy group, please call BCF at 6352 6560 for more details

Website : www.bcf.org.sg

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