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Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most physically and psychologically distressing side effects of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation. Alopecia medicamentosa, the baldness that results from chemotherapy and radiation, is absolutely devastating to the mindset of male and female cancer patients. The threat of alopeica can cause some patients to refuse potentially curative or medically proven adjunctive chemotherapy.

Most oncologists are not concerned about their patients' baldness because hair loss is generally transient and not life-threatening. Very often, they recommend that their patients wear hair wigs or hats.

On the other hand, the suffering patients tend to fear hair loss as one of the dreaded side effects of their cancer treatment even knowing that it is potentially reversible. Even when a patient keeps his cancer a secret, sudden hair loss and the wearing of hair wigs or hats will probably clue any observer into recognizing that cancer is present. The psychological effect of hair loss among cancer patients suppresses their immune systems as much as the anticancer drugs and radiation.

"Today nearly all German and Austrian oncology clinics save their patients from experiencing the hair loss that occurs from the necessary prescribing of cytotoxic chemicals. They are doing it by having cancer patients shampoo, starting one week before chemotherapy or radiation therapy, with a calf thymus extract and then following this immediately with one minute of scalp massage using a tiny amount of topically applied liquid thymus concentrate which gets absorbed into their hair follicles. The two products, packaged as a kit, are collectively called Thymu-Skin Shampoo and Thymu-Skin Hair Treatment."
   (Quoted from an article written by Dr Morton Walker)

"Thymuskin is an effective preparation for the treatment of hair loss and is free of any side effects."
    (By Prof. Hagedom, Dir. of Dermtology)
Thymuskin prevents hair loss in patients undergoing a mild or moderate chemotherapy and they are used one week before and during the period of chemotherapy treatment.

Hair loss was of major concern to my mother. It was a chore having to wear hair wigs. If only I had prior knowledge of Thymuskin products, I would have bought them for my mother and saved her hair. I reckon that many other cancer patients are likely to share the same concern.

Before you decide to use Thymuskin products, you should check with your oncologist on the effectiveness since they are rather costly.

Additional information : Viable Treatment for Hair Loss for ALL

Hair loss is a nightmare for anyone! Balding women become even more emotional. Hair on the head usually determines an individual's appearance, a phenomenon of such importance that baldness often leads to severe psychological and/or sociological disturbances. Yet, there's no single answer as to why baldness occurs because it comprises several different diseases of known pathogenesis. Various therapeutic approaches have therefore been developed to counteract baldness, and until now their rate of success has not been satisfactory.

One possible treatment for hair loss is to use ThymuSkin products that you may or may not expect excellent results from using them, depending on four prevailing factors :

Factors Success rate
Heredity as a source of androgen excess There is not much to be done.
How long you have been bald? If baldness has been present for a couple of decades, chances of hair regrowth are lessened considerably.
Alopecia related to androgenic pattern hair loss. (refer to male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness) Success rate may increases.
Loss of hair from advanced age Don't expect a lot of hair to grow.

ThymuSkin hair formula has a broad range of application for the prevention of hair loss and the regrowth of fallen hair. The positive effect of this hair preserver in lotion and shampoo forms are for the following purposes :
  • to use on a prophylactic basis for the avoidance of hair loss
  • to reduce moderate and heavy hair loss
  • to diminish hair thinning during menopause
  • to prevent hair loss during cancer chemotherapy
  • to quickly restore hair growth following chemotherapy
  • to stop dandruff formation following hormonal treatment
  • to relieve generalized dandruff and itching scalp
  • to stimulate new hair growth if the hair roots are still intact
  • to replace weak hair strands with strong hair

Thymuskin physiologically accomplishes regrowth of hair as a result of the synergistic effects of its numerous ingredients; yet, an individual's consistent and correct application of the product line is absolutely essential for a high rate of success. After approximately four weeks of product usage, you may expect to see a reduction in hair fallout. Hair growth stabilizes, and the separate hair strands exhibit their natural shine besides becoming stronger. You may also expect that itching scalp, dandruff and slight to moderate hair loss will be much relieved or cease altogether within four to eight weeks of self-treatment.

At least six to eighteen months of treatment with ThymuSkin are required in order to achieve a complete normalization of hair growth. If hair loss has been heavy and present for more than four years, don't expect new and stronger hair growth until up to eighteen months of application.

If ThymuSkin treatment is discontinued after improvement has been noted, a relapse after several months might happen. In order to assure maintenance of the success of the therapy, it's recommended that ThymuSkin usage be continued indefinitely a couple of times per week. But such continuing procedure isn't mandatory and you have every reason to experiment with your own hair regrowth.

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