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Art transforms into compassion
Contributed by a cancer victim's relative, Ms Janice living in Singapore.

GoNe BuT nOt FoRgOtTeN

Is she sleeping? I had asked.
When will she wake up? I had asked.
Wake up! Play with me! I had screamed.

I didn't understand why all her hair disappeared.
I didn't know why she couldn't come home.
I didn't understand why the people in white had to stay with her.
I didn't know why everyone was so concerned about her.

Now I know,
She was fighting a demon.
A demon who ate her, bit by bit.
But she fought it like a knight,
As gallantly as ever.
She smiled despite the pain,
She laughed despite the hurt.
Tears did not fall from her eyes.
Screams did not escape her mouth.
She was brave.

Until she had to give in.
The demon was just too strong.
The people in white could do nothing.
She said goodbye.
She said to take care.
She said to fulfill her dreams for her.
She said to be happy.
She said not to be sad.
She said not to cry.
"I'm not crying," she said.
She smiled on the last breath.
She left.

None of us could stop the tears,
For she was so very dear.
None of us could not feel sad,
For she isn't coming back.
None of us was strong like her.
None of us smiled.

She was the best knight.
She still is.
She was the best person.
She still is.
She was the bravest person.
She still is.

Goodbye, my sister.
Smile at us in heaven.
Till we meet again.

Dedicated to a sister who is gone, but not FORGOTTEN.

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