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Art transforms into compassion

   Ten types of kindnesses bestowed by the mother on the child
   (extracted from Filial Piety Sutra)

The Kindness of Providing Protection And Care While The Child Is In The Womb

The causes and conditions from accumulated kalpas grows heavy,
Until in this life the child ends up in his/her motherís womb.
As the months pass, the five vital organs develop;
Within seven weeks the six sense organs start to grow.
The motherís body becomes as heavy as a mountain;
The stillness and movements of the feotus are like a kalpic wind disaster.
The motherís fine clothers no longer hang properly,
And so her mirror gathers dust.

The Kindness Of Bearing Suffering During Birth

The pregnancy lasts for ten lunar months
And culminates in difficult labour at the approach of the birth.
Meanwhile, each morning the mother is seriously ill
And during each day drowsy and sluggish.
Her fear and agitation are difficult to describe;
Grieving and tears fill her breast,
She painfully tells her family
That she is only afraid that death will overtake her.

The Kindness of Forgetting All The Pain Once The Child Has Been Born

On the day the compassionate mothers bear her child,
Her five organs all open wide,
Leaving her totally exhausted in body and mind.
The blood flows as from a slaughtered lamb;
Yet, upon hearing that the child is healthy,
She is overcome with redoubling joy,
But after the joy, the grief returns,
And the agony wrenches her very insides.

The Kindness Of Eating The Bitter Herself And Saving The Sweet For The Child

The kindness of both parents is profound and deep,
Their care and devotion never ceases.
Never resting, the mother saves the sweet for the child,
And without complain she swallows the bitter herself.
Her love is weighty and her emotion difficult to bear;
Her kindness is deep and so is her compassion.
Only wanting the child to get its fill,
The compassionate mother doesnít speak of her own hunger.

TThe Kindness Of Moving The Child To A Dry Place And Lying In The Wet Herself

The mother is willing to be wet
So that the child can be dry.
With her two breasts she satisfies his/her hunger and thirst;
Covering it with her sleeve, she protects the child from the wind and cold.
In kindness, her head rarely rests on the pillow,
And yet she does this happily,
So long as the child is comfortable,
The kind mother seeks no solace for herself.

The Kindness Of Suckling The Child At Her Breast, Nourishing And Bringing Up The Child

The kind mother is like the great earth.
The stern father is like the encompassing heaven;
One covers from above; the other supports from below.
The kindness of parents is such that they know no hatred or anger towards their offspring,
And are not displeased, even if the child is born crippled.
After the mother carries the child in her womb and gives birth to it,
The parents care for and protect the child together until the end of their days.

The Kindness of Washing Away The Unclean

Originally, she had a pretty face and a beautiful body,
Her spirit was strong and vibrant.
Her eyebrows were like fresh green willows,
And her complexion would have put a red rose to shame.
But her kindness is so deep she will forgo a beautiful face.
Although washing away the filth injures her constitution,
The kind mother acts solely for the sake of her sons and daughters.
And willingly allows her beauty to fade.

The Kindness of Always Thinking Of The Child When It Has Travelled Far

The death of loved ones is difficult to endure.
But separation is also painful.
When the child travels afar,
The mother worries in her village.
From morning until night, her heart is with her child,
And a thousand tears fall from her eyes.
Like the monkey weeping silently in love for her child,
Bit by bit her heart is broken.

The Kindness Of Deep Care And Devotion

How heavy is parental kindness and emotional concern!
Their kindness is deep and difficult to repay.
Willingly they undergo suffering on their childís behalf,
If the child toils, the parents are uncomfortable.
If they hear that he has travelled far,
They worry that at night he will have to lie in the cold.
Even a momentís pain suffered by their sons and daughters.
Will cause the parents sustained distress.

The Kindness Of Ultimate Compassion And Sympathy

The kindness of parents is profound and important.
Their tender concern never cease.
From the moment they awake each day, their thoughts are with their children.
Whether the children are near or far away, the parents think of them often.
Even if a mother lives for a hundred years,
She will constantly worry about her eighty years old child.
Do you wish to know when such kindness and love ends?
It doesnít even begin to dissipate until her life is over!

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