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Commemorative Edition

First Publication: October 2009
Book Reprint: April 2010
Sold Out: December 2010

"Are Hospitals Safe?: What killed my dad?" (328 pages) is a revised edition of "What killed my dad?" and published as a commemorative edition to mark the first death anniversary of my father on 2 October 2009.

This book empowers subsidised patients and their family members with useful information to cope with the stressful and difficult moments in hospitals. Passionate healthcare workers have also found it informative, constructive and compelling.

Readers may borrow it from the National Library.

Quote from book review on "Are Hospitals Safe?" published in NTUC Lifestyle November 2009:

"I highly recommend this book because it is best to know what to expect if stricken with a serious illness. It is not something we want to think about when we are well, but sickness is a reality we should be prepared for. The author shares what she has learnt the hard way - flaws in the medical system and the frustration of dealing with all too-human medical professionals. From dangerous bugs waiting to pounce on the already sick to filtering out the 'wrong' doctors, Soh Hong provides insight that can be a comforting anchor-hold to those who feel helpless in the alien environment of hospitals."

                            - Ms Tan Shee Lah
                            Managing Editor, Lifestyle

Updated on 20 December 2010

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