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Memento Booklet 1

Impact of HAIs-The Family: Don't make me a sitting duck for HAIs

Release Date: 28 February 2013

Only thirty complimentary copies were made available to those interested participants at the 3rd International Congress of The Infection Control Association (Singapore) on 28 February 2013.

I wrote this booklet to complement my sharing on the topic: Impact of Hospital Acquired Infections — The Family (Symposium 4), at the 3rd International Congress of The Infection Control Association (Singapore) which is of great significance to me, i.e. coming together to conquer HAIs.

I hope it will serve as useful teaching material in patient safety workshops.

Cover design by: Mr Srinivas Bhakta

  • Abstract
  • Speaker’s Profile
  • Appreciation
  • Acknowledgements

  • You Know More Than I Know

PART I - Hardships caused by HAIs
  • Why Me?
  • Fighting A Losing Battle
  • The Tearful Goodbye
  • The Sunk Cost

PART II - Is HAI a case of everybody’s problem but nobody’s fault?
  • Who Is To Blame
  • Nobody’s Fault?

PART III - Could You Have Done Better?
  • Lax Infection Control
  • Setbacks

Updated on 21 April 2013

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