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My First Book

This book was released on 9 January 2009 to mark the 100th day of my father's death.

First Publication: 2 January 2009
Book Reprint: 3 February 2009
Sold Out: 5 June 2009

Readers may borrow it from the National Library.


"I empathise with Ms Lee Soh Hong's loss of her father. Objectively, it was a combination of factors: human factors, system factors and disease factors. These factors may be beyond the individual provider's control. Nevertheless, I read from her book three messages for all healthcare providers and hospital administrators in Singapore and indeed, worldwide to take note and put on their dashboards for continuing attention. These are:

(1) Hospitals must spend resources and enforcements to control deadly hospital caught infections. Patients are dying because of superbugs.

(2) The hospital system of care of multiple doctors for very sick patients cannot result in optimal care. Some reforms appear necessary.

(3) Communication of news of great impact to patients needs to be more sensitive.

And all these flowed from the experience of her father's last illness."

                            - A/Prof Goh Lee Gan
                            Head, Division of Family Medicine, National University Health System
                            Associate Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore


I would like to thank Mr Srinivas Bhakta, Mr Ravinder Singh, Ms Ethel Fong, Ms Soh Ying Zhi, Ms Hong Kai Wei, Ms Melissa Teo, Mr Soh Wai Ming and Ms Syarah for their kind assistance in making this book possible.

Updated on 20 December 2010

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