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One day, while surfing the Internet on human microchip implantation, the idea of using "Smart-Chips implant" for doctors and nurses came to me.

In Chapter 16 of my book, I wrote:

I reckon the selection of medical students is getting tougher in our materialistic society when the spirit of altruism is close to extinction. Some students may have some forms of voluntary work in voluntary welfare organisations, and use them to "showcase" their compassion and support for humanitarian works. What is their real motivation for engaging in voluntary work? Is it a planned action to earn merits (pull the wool over one's eyes) or a genuine kind gesture coming unconditionally from the heart?

It is definitely not easy to size up the candidates; inevitably, some "lousy ones" will be selected. Nevertheless, it is never too late for them to realign their goals and priorities as they grow wiser with each passing day. Follow your heart — if money remains the key motivational factor, then go for aesthetic practice that serves to satisfy the aesthetic desires and goals of patients (largely, the rich and celebrities); "rob the rich patients" and give back to society when you are ready to do good.

For passionate medical students who are keen to identify their good and bad traits, they may also take the SMART-CHIPS test on the next page. For those who do not possess the ten good virtues, it is never too late for them to cultivate good virtues on their way to becoming true physicians.

Doctors and nurses who are working in local public hospitals may write to for a complimentary set of "Smart-Chips" that also serves as a burnout-busting "potion".

Please send your request with the following details:

  • Name(with salutation):

  • Local mailing address:

  • Contact number:

  • Positon:

  • Name of public hospital:

The ten chips are as follows:

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