Patient safety must come first!

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What Killed My Dad?: Are Hospitals Safe?

In memory of my dad, I wrote this book to share the impact of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) on patients and their families, and raise awareness of patient safety among the general public.

I hope that our healthcare policymakers, hospital administrators and healthcare workers will make a concerted effort to improve practices and compliance with infection prevention and control strategies, and make patient safety their top priority.

Patient Advocacy

One passionate doctor shared the story of Josie King, and likened my effort in campaigning for patient safety in Singapore to that of Josie's mother in the United States.

What sets us apart -- using their US$1.5 million settlement, the Kings founded an advocacy group, the Josie King Foundation, which, in partnership with Johns Hopkins Hospital, spearheads a national drive for patient safety programs.

Pathetically, I can only publish books to campaign for patient safety in this "Little Red Dot" -- make public hospitals safe for subsidised patients!

Ideally, passionate doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who are community-spirited should come together to promote patient safety and also serve as patient advocates. After all, they are the best people to convince MOH to carry out healthcare reform.

They should also form a National Patient Safety Foundation in Singapore (learning from their counterparts in the United States) and launch the National Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW).

A passionate healthcare worker:

"In healthcare, we need MANY voices in order to be heard and an 'Inside-Out' approach is more likely to succeed than an 'Outside-In' approach."

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