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This painting was bought by Mr Lim Yew Seng on 4 December 2001. On behalf of Children's Cancer Foundation, we wish Mr Lim and his family the same peace, hope and love that he brings to the lives of others.
We Reap What We Sow
As it is also the mission of CancerStory.com to help raise funds for the less fortunate and to bring out the spirit of caring and sharing, we hope to sell this painting for S$688.00 to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation.

This painting is the work of a local artist Ms Florence Shen (Seng Mu Lan) who has kindly contributed her art piece in support of CancerStory Humanity-Golden Kids Programme.

The following excerpts were extracted from Dr Lai Chiu Nan's talk on "Total Natural Health Approach Towards Recovery And No More Cancer" conducted in Singapore in 1993.
"The universal law is that you reap what you sow. Whether it's the Christian or Buddhist teaching, we reap what we sow.

If it is a critical case, you have to change your whole life. It is not enough just to change your dietary habits. You have to be very aggressive and try in your own way to benefit others.

When we help others, we are happy. It raises our energy. If you are very weak, there is not much you can do physically. But you can still support certain charities with your money.

Every action, every thought that we have, if it is motivated by love, it brings us the fruits of happiness; it brings us health and happiness."
Inspiration from this Painting
Stress provokes a powerful physical and mental response in the body which has recently been traced as the cause of eighty percent of all diseases. Cancer is no different. Stress triggers stress-fighting hormones that can be produced twenty four hours a day depending on the severity and duration of the stress. These stress-fighting hormones are degenerative and produce free radicals as waste products that are believed to be the leading cause of cancer.

Therefore we urge everybody to live without worry and fear. Let's forget about chasing after materialistic things. Let's lead a simple and complacent life, bearing in mind that we come naked and will leave empty-handed.

Chasing after the Cs may not bring you a meaningful and happy life. On the contrary, the Cs could lead to Cancer which is likely to end up with a Coffin. What is most important in life is to find peace and to share it with others. It's a blessing to be able to give and care for the less fortunate. So join us in our efforts to promote the spirit of caring and sharing.

This message is also depicted in this painting with people relaxing under a huge shady tree, enjoying and admiring the peaceful surroundings. Very often, people struggle in their mind and body, and fail to touch the peace and joy that are available right now-the blue sky, the green leaves, the eyes of our beloved.

About Ms Florence Shen
Florence is a member of the Singapore Modern Art Society, Singapore Art Society, Singapore Calligraphy Society and Singapore Culture Society. Besides local art exhibitions, Florence's works have been exhibited far and wide in countries including China, Japan, Macau and Taiwan. Collectors from all over the world including those from America, China, Europe and Japan have bought her paintings.

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