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The Hearing Aid Story

While visiting a friend in a hospital ward, I came to know of an elderly gentleman (87 years old) who was reluctant to 'invest' in an expensive hearing aid. He is concerned that this expensive gadget will be mishandled by him and in no time it will be spoilt. From my conversation with his wife (9 years younger than him), they could well afford to buy one.

My initial thought was - 'There goes another miser who fails to recognize the goodness of hearing aid that will improve his quality of life.'

Later, I realized that he prefers not to listen too much. His family members can speak directly into his left ear which is still serving him 'quite well'. He only wants to listen to what people would really like him to know.

Perhaps, it is a blessing to be oblivious of one's surrounding - hear no evil. Reading newspapers is his past-time. In this instance, my mentor leads a more meaningful life by serving the sick.

Coming to terms with aging gracefully, this is another valuable lesson learned from a long-lived person.

Posted on 25 May 2007

Updated on 3 September 2007

While watching a TV programme, I learned that veteran volunteer, Sister Theresa Hsu also declined to wear hearing aids because she feels that the money can be better used for helping the needy. One of her ears still serves her well.

For people who wish to save their hearing, the book 'Save Your Hearing Now' may be beneficial and helpful.

The author(a leading otolaryngologist Michael Seidman,MD) has developed the first all-natural treatment plan to battle hearing loss safely and effectively. Instead of simply managing your problem with hearing aids, you can now help yourself prevent, stop, and possibly even reverse hearing loss naturally. You can borrow this book from the National Library.

Updated on 22 October 2007

An audiologist shared the following story in a public forum on hearing loss :

The children of an elderly man did not want to buy hearing aid for him. Using his own money, he bought a pair of CIC (completely-in-the-canal) without the knowledge of his children. With his hearing aid, he begins to learn about the ugly facts of life and has changed his will three times.

Hopefully, it is not an intentional ruse to see the true self of his children. I reckon it can be quite a depressing and painful experience to 'rediscover' the shortcomings of our loved ones in such manner.

Updated on 9 May 2008

On 17 November 2007, together with Bedok Youth Executive Committee, CancerStory.com organized a Public Talk in Mandarin - Hearing Loss that was attended by residents living in Bedok. Associate Professor Low Wong Kein, Senior Consultant at the Department of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) of Singapore General Hospital was our invited speaker and he delivered an informative sharing session.

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