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Boob jobs don't mar screening

I REFER to the letter by Miss Lee Soh Hong, 'Boob job may mask killer' (The Sunday Times, March 7).

The Health Promotion Board encourages all women 40 years of age and above to go for regular mammograms. The mammogram is the best screening method for the early detection of breast cancer. This also applies to women with breast implants.

Prior to the mammogram procedure, women are asked whether they have implants. As the implants may interfere with the routine mammography evaluation, special techniques are used.

Mammography, if properly carried out by an experienced radiographer, is effective in detecting breast cancer in women - with or without implants.

The Health Promotion Board's advertisements on breast-cancer screening are media campaigns to encourage women to go for mammo-grams.

If members of the public require more information, they are welcome to consult the Health Promotion Board's nurse counsellors at BreastScreen Singapore on 1800-333-3030.

Dr Chew Ling
Head, Health Screening
Health Promotion Board


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