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Bird of Freedom
(Music composed by Mr Jay Yip)
Special Dedication

This special web page is dedicated to cancer patients by two community-spirited individuals, Mr Marvin Chew and Mr Jay Yip. They hope that their sharing will help patients to live positively and enrich their quality of life.

Freedom and Hope (Work of Mr Marvin Chew)

Motivational note by Mr Jay Yip

I wrote this looking out the window trying to imagine what I can do and then I saw the birds flying - They looked so graceful and I remembered as the wind caught beneath their wings - they just soared through the skies and let themselves go.

Wouldn't it be great if we could at any time run away like that - just take off and fly and go as high as we can and leave all our worries and pain behind.

And like a bird, we can see our lives go past us like the world that we would eventually leave behind.

And like a bird, we can see things from a totally different perspective because we are not in it, we are above it.

And like a bird, we can now breathe the purest of all air.

Just as much as our hearts will reflect the beauty and purity of it all.

And like a bird, we realise that freedom is within our soul - it is up to us to set it free.

These are not lyrics but a reflection of how I feel because cancer patients are learning how to cope, to persevere amidst the confusion, the pain, unanswerable questions and eventually to let it all go.........

We are all birds.....inside us that is, as long as we feel we are birds, we know that our lives on this earth is nothing but a base from which we can take off and land. It is up to us to learn how to get up above it and soar high amongst the clouds to be truly free......

Footnote :

Mr Marvin Chew is a young and upcoming artist. To see more of his works, please login www.wetcanvas.com/web/sites/14541/marvinchew.

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