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Why did I give up the cancer site of

In the past, the mission of was to advocate and promote complementary cancer therapies alongside conventional treatment. In those early years, we faced strong resistance from cancer institutions and public hospitals in Singapore; they refused to display our publicity materials in their premises because they do not advocate complementary cancer methods and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Today, the "scene" has changed drastically with the set-up of TCM clinics and hypnosis clinics in public hospitals. Some cancer charities have also begun to conduct classes such as yoga, Reiki, qigong and meditation. Hence, the mission of was accomplished being the forerunner as an advocate in TCM and complementary cancer therapies in Singapore.

When I first started in September 2000, some people did not think that it would last long — it was merely a knee-jerk reaction to cope with grief. Incidentally, I received the following feedback on 23 November 2010:

"I just wanted to say that, as a guidance counsellor, I have been using your page with information on dealing with death and bereavement at my school. It's been helpful...thank you for making it!"

After spending eight years in championing patient advocacy, I wanted to call it a day upon the release of my first book, "What Killed My Dad?: Reflections on how to make your hospital stay safer" in January 2009. Ironically, this book became the "U-turn" — favourable feedback received from readers and supporters, and web surfers of spurred me to champion patient safety in Singapore. The term “patient safety” is a new vocabulary to many laypeople.

The image of the rising phoenix reminds me that life is cyclical and change is constant.

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