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The above Chinese calligraphy is kindly
contributed by Ms Florence Shen

The Unbalanced "Scale"

Conventional treatment :
When it fails, nobody loses faith in medical science.

When it works, everybody gives credit to medical science.
Complementary treatment :
When it fails, people condemn it.

When it works, people take it for granted.

Gentleness vs Obstinacy

With the generous support of Mr Loy Chye Chuan, a respectable local artist, the painting below was specially conceptualized to spur me on in my undaunted efforts to accomplish CancerStory.com's mission despite strong resistance from some local cancer institutions. They have refused to display its publicity materials in their premises because they do not advocate complementary methods.

My determination and perseverance, like the water that flows incessantly, may gradually move the hard and heavy rock that is symbolic of the present mainstream cancer treatment that is "heavily guarded" by some egoistic individuals.

Hopefully, the day will come when patients in Singapore can receive both conventional and complementary cancer treatments in the same medical institution. This has already been realized in some medical institutions in countries like China, United States and United Kingdom.

Many of these complementary therapies have been shown to help relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life by lessening the side effects of conventional treatments and providing psychological and physical benefits to the patients.

If one has the wisdom to practise humility, one will realize that medical science is not always foolproof and one should not undermine the other forms of life-saving antidote. Why deprive patients of a chance to survive if medical science cannot help them? Patients should be given true comprehensive cancer care that includes complementary cancer methods.

Some learned individuals are obsessed with scientific proof and will not believe in genuine stories told by cancer survivors. However, patients should be discerning enough to know that, in reality, there are some patients who are already "sentenced to death" by their medical doctors, that have survived cancer after receiving some form of safe and reliable complementary treatment.


Please click here to read my letter to ST Forum on the opening of Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre at SGH.

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